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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Updated Career Wardrobe Adventure!

Today's Blog has nothing to do with Papercrafting. It's all about my new venture with Stitch Fix. As I get older I find I hate shopping more and more for clothing. What?!! There is a company that will do it for me within my parameters of price, fabric, style, occasion, color, fit and size?! What?!! They will do it for a $20 "Styling Fee" per event which is REFUNDABLE if I keep even just ONE item out of the Five items they send per "Fix"?  What?!! I can return the whole thing for FREE.

Well, I need a spring/summer 2017 refresher so let's give this a go. The most I have to lose with Stitch Fix is the $20 Styling Fee if I don't buy anything at all from the five items they send me.  I can order a "Fix" one time only as I want or go on an auto-ship schedule of my choosing (bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, quarterly...). And, I can change it or cancel it anytime I want. I can also reschedule a "Fix" if out of town.

So, I'm giving it a try and will give you the good, bad, ugly and hopefully more so the pretty. I have absolutely no tie to Stitch Fix so you can be assured you will get the truth. All I ask is if you think you'll want to try this out...grab my referral code/link below. I receive a $25 referral credit which makes my posting time well worthwhile to me. Thanks girls and boys. (Yes, this is for men too, and they also have Plus sizes for us ladies.)

Here goes my first "Stitch Fix" for March 2017.

I was sent Five Items for this Fix: Blush Sweater, Cuffed Jean Capri, White Tunic, Cargo Cinch Jacket, and Animal Print Flat Shoe. All was packed beautifully. Notice I look a little wrinkled so that was my first "get over it" moment. You will not receive a pressed/steamed ready to wear outfit. It will need a little bit of TLC before you walk out the door. Second, I needed to be more specific on type of fabric NOT to send me. (I hate Rayon and Poly unless a small part of a blend.) This was my fault as there is plenty of space when creating your profile to be specific with your preferences.

What I did love was that my stylist really listened to me. I linked my special Pinterest Board to my Profile. (Highly recommended.)  You put your Pinterest Board link into your Stitch Fix Profile and that gives your Stylist access then to see your pins. My Board is called "Stylin". Feel free to check it out here. Chris' Stylin Pinterest Board   I loved that my Stylist gave me layering options, animal print shoes, included the color blush, and went casual/comfy. for me. All per my request.

So, what did I keep? I only kept one item: the Cargo Cinch Jacket. I loved I could cinch the waist, the fabric was nice and will travel well, the neutral color is versatile, quality was great in that the seams were all bound with a cute polka dot fabric. It's on the inside of the cuffs, but I know it's there. My $20 "Styling Fee" was thus applied toward cost of jacket which made this jacket a total of $50 including tax.

The following items were returned for the following reasons:

  1. Blush Sweater: Seemed a little big and boxy but mainly returned due to 100% Rayon (my fault)
  2. White Tunic: Loved the neckline, length, and print but again 100% Rayon (my fault).
  3. Capri, Cuffed Jean: I already own a pair almost exactly like them. They were very comfortable and petite which is key for me. But, back they go.
  4. Animal Print Shoe: I so wanted these to work out but they gaped at the sides, were very stiff, and gave me absolutely no support. 

All in all, I give this "Fix" a four out of five stars since two of the items were my fault for not being more specific on fabric. I learned a lot from this first fix. I updated fabrics on my profile and shoe preferences (sneakers and mules). I also tweaked shirt size. I think you need to give your stylist a few shipments to get to know you. I'm excited for my next "Fix" in April and will report back.

Here are a few notes to keep in mind:

  1. You will receive five items in each "Fix".
  2. There is no shipping to you or for returns.
  3. You pay a $20 Stylist Fee per Fix which is refundable if you buy one item.
  4. If you want all 5 items you get 25% off your "Fix" and the $20 Stylist Fee refunded.
  5. You have ONLY 3 days from when you get your fix to return any items. This is key.  They give you a return envelope already labeled, and it can go USPS. Just put it in your mailbox.
  6. Create a special Pinterest Board with outfits you love and link it to your Profile so your Stylist can get to know your tastes and preferences. (Genius!)
  7. Be as specific and accurate as you can when you create your profile. It really helps your Stylist.
  8. I'm giving my Stylist 3 tries. If no major success by then...I ask for a new Stylist which is completely acceptable and actually recommended. (Love!)
  9. Your items will be wrinkled and your items are NOT all made in America. You need to be ok with these two things.
  10. You receive "Stylist" look board flyers with your shipment with recommended outfits for you. I will be using these to recreate some of these recommended looks with my new cargo jacket and some items that I already own in my closet. (Loved this!)

Ciao Bella's!

My Stitch Fix Link

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