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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Did You Miss Me?

What's Cookin Good Lookin?!

I haven't posted in a while instead focusing on Facebook, Instagram, and Vending. But I have to tell you that I miss my Blog. The primary challenge I am facing is growing my followers on my Blog. The growth on FB and Instagram is so fast and immediate whereas my Blog growth is what I imagine childbirth to be like.
So, for now I am looking at my Blog as a way to share my love of journaling. It'll be a hodge podge of topics I love so will include Moose, coffee, cooking, gardening, mixed media and papercrafting, sewing, cocktails....basically whatever I like.  If you like my Blog, please 
share it, give me a comment every now and then, and keep reading.

 The original "Cuttlebug". 
Paw embossing ONLY!

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