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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is "Your Enough?"

What is "Your Personal Enough Quotient"? (EQ)

Stacy Julian offers a Free Class

Since my team name, blog, email address and facebook id are all Flourishing Hearts (one that connotes goodness, generosity, growth, and resilience of the heart); I thought it would be more than appropriate to devote my first Post by sharing a Personal Growth lesson that I experienced this year at the CTMH Convention.  Stacy Julian was our keynote speaker, and CTMH couldn't have chosen a more appropriate speaker to gain insight from at this time in my life. She brought to my attention a number of points I'd like to share with you that helped me to gain some peace of mind, happiness, and focus on What Is Important especially when it comes to family, friends, and of course Creativity.  Here is a brief list of some of what I learned:
  • What is your "Personal Enough Quotient"?  Determine what is good enough for me. It's exhausting not to declare enoughness. The "to do's" and "shoulds" are draining!
  • Write down my non-negotiables in a calendar workbook; sleeping, eating, working, working out etc. Identify pockets of free time and SCHEDULE personal unnecessary creativity time at least once a week. (This is my happy time)
  • Not all photos are created equal. It is up to me to assign the value and not others.
  • What  makes photos valuable and rare besides me is MY interpretation and showing of the picture that does. What did that event/person mean, why is the picture in my book, where is everyone? This will carry further into generations vs. just the first generation. It's me that makes that happen (JOURNAL!) Three generations down won't know who Aunt Susie is if you didn't label or write about it on your page.
  • There are two things that will kill my creativity; Guilt and Obligation. I decide what and when I scrap. Get over the "I need to get caught up bug!"
  • Both events and every day life are really about the people, their personalities and relationships. (not that big ferris wheel)
  • I do what I value. Time and money is not the excuse.
  • Don't let your babies grow up to be jpegs. (or friends and family)
  • A great scrapbook is about how I put it together not how much money I put into it.
  • People are outdated in their thought of putting the scrapbook in order chronologically. It's unrealistic and not interesting.
  • Scrapbook memories and tell a story. I don't even need a picture to do this.
  • When I am behind the camera - I can't fully engage in the moment. Take pictures with my heart. (Isn't this the truth!)
  • The story I am most qualified to tell is my own. If I don't tell it....who will?
  • What would you have wanted from your 70 year old mother? Her stories - not her pictures.
  • A text message with a photo and note will have more meaning to your teenager than a chronological scrapbook. Try to text your teen once a week with a photo and message.

By the way, Stacy Julian is a scrapbooker herself and was once an Independent Consultant for Dozens of Terrific Stamps (DOTS)!  Anyone know what DOTS transitioned into?  I'll give you a hint...the company name still has four letters in it's acronym.

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